About us

Let's Settle in a Hotel !

At Roomah, we offer 3-5-star hotel living experience on a monthly basis. Pay an all-exclusive rental to enjoy hotel-level amenities every day - you can expect high-speed WiFi, laundry services, and premium fitments.

We Started by Making Homes Like Hotels.

The story begins with Jordan and Henry. In 2019, they saw a lack of medium-term rental accommodation in the Malaysian property market - both left their full time jobs to fill it. Their property management startup, Hut Co-Living, provides tastefully furnished private apartments and co-living bedrooms on a monthly basis. Their motto - we won’t rent out what we won’t live in.

Then We Make Hotels Feel Like Homes.

During the pandemic, Jordan and Henry helped a hotel to manage their guests. With their hosting experience, it’s safe to say their guests felt right at home in a hotel. Feeling encouraged, they want more guests to enjoy their signature warm and convenient staying experience. For a truly seamless experience, they want their guests to be able to view, book and pay online as well. Roomah was born!

Consistency of A Hotel, Convenience of A Home

We are very picky about your Roomahs! Factors like location, security, surrounding buildings, traffic conditions are all taken into consideration when we choose a Roomah. We want you to make you feel at home.

Check In, Move In - In a Day

It’s more than just accommodation at Roomah. We want you to experience tech-powered living - immediate monthly accommodation is always available via our website or app. By keeping the renting experience simple, we keep the accommodation affordable too. A virtual concierge will ensure you enjoy hotel-level hospitality at your Roomah.

What You Can Expect from Roomah

Our mission is to make quality, flexibility, and accessibility available to all of our guests. We want to change the way people live and rent with technology. Enjoy an unforgettable and hassle-free stay with us today.

Join Roomah!

As a start-up, Roomah is always collaborative, transparent, and thinking out-of-the-box. Our diverse team is unified in their mission - to make city-living great again. We take pride in converting unused real estate inventories into spaces that our guests feel a connection to. If you are fascinated by property technology, or you just plain interact with people - speak with us now!


Fully Furnished for a Hassle-Free Stay

We provide all the amenities and furnishings you need to stay comfortably on a medium to long term basis. Forget about the cost and hassle of furnishing your rental property.

Flexible monthly stays

Check in as early as the day you book, and leave as soon as a week’s notice - no penalty.

Hi-Speed WiFi

Stream, zoom, and surf all you want in your Roomah. All of them come with ___mbps connection.

Weekly Housekeeping

Fresh linens and towels every week!


Our team is ready to assist our residents on any issues at any time.

Our Team

Cofounder & CEO

Yong Hui sets the roadmap for Roomah and leads the team towards achieving Roomah's mission of providing stays that are convenient, hassle-free and affordable. Prior to starting Roomah, Yong Hui was an investment banker and had stayed in over 30 different accomodations.

Cofounder & CTO

With a PhD in computer science, Kevin leads the tech team in developing the website and mobile app for Roomah. He believes that technology will improve ways of people doing things and ensures that residents are able to enjoy a tech-enabled renting experienece.

Cofounder & CXO

As a Chief Experience Officer, Jordan is responsible for crafting the "Roomah Experience" for residents throughout their stay in Roomah. Devoted on perfecting resident's experience, he once ordered 20 yoga mats from different suppliers just to select the best one for residents.