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Americano anyone? Well, if you go black, you never go back is what they say. There are many cafes in KL City that serve great coffee and deserts. They are also renovated with chic interior design that make them a good place to chill and get work done. If coworking space is not your thing, these hipster cafes we featured here are also good options to consider.

Coworking Spaces

Explore coworking spaces in the city centre that has vibrant atmosphere for you to network with others, schedule meetings and getting your work done. If you’re a freelancer, business owner or working professional, find out what our featured coworking spaces has to offer.

Foods & Beverages

When it comes to food & beverages, we encourage our guests to explore dishes that represent the local neighbourhood so that guests can truly experience living like a local. We have curated a list of restaurants that prepares authentic local Malaysian foods, with one of them having operated for more than 30 years!


Have fun working out virtually or in a gym? In Roomah, we believe a healthy body and mind is essential to improve the quality of our life and to make us happy. As we become working adults, we have lesser time to work out. Roomah wants to be a landlord that advocates fitness, and have listed a few fitness centres and open parks for guests to explore.


With the rise of covid-19, people tend to distance themselves from shopping malls. Good news is, malls have stepped up safety measures in recent months with strict SOPs implemented. If you feel like exploring mall for some window (or impulsive) shopping, look no further than the few malls we featured in our blog.

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