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Americano anyone? Well, if you go black, you never go back is what they say. There are many cafes in KL City that serve great coffee and deserts. They are also renovated with chic interior design that make them a good place to chill and get work done. If coworking space is not your thing, these hipster cafes we featured here are also good options to consider.

A Coffee Lover’s Guide: Top 3 Best Cafes in KL

Calling for coffee lovers — are you wandering around KL to search for a coffee?

For some, cafes are best for hangouts, business meetings or simply a good place for daily work. But for coffee lovers, a perfect brew of coffee with a unique aroma is what makes us fall in love with cafes. There are so many cafes scattered from each corner of KL, it can be pretty tough to find the best coffee that makes us crave for more. So, here’s the top 3 spots that we think are perfect for you:

Antipodean Cafe @ Bangsar

What’s good about Antipodean Cafe? Sipping your morning coffee while enjoying their famous ‘Big Breakfast’ in a homey atmosphere. We’re talking about a wide range of coffee beans originating from Indonesia for your ‘wake me up’ coffee. They have over 20 choices of Indonesian coffees, known as ‘Merdeka coffee’ or ‘Kopi Luwak’. Tip: a perfect place to bring your loved one for a date!

Opens daily, 7am - 5pm

Thursdvys, TTDI

A pretty cool place to enjoy a good coffee with your buddies. There’s a story behind the cafe name, but let’s save it for next time. If you’re a Latte person, their Flat White is holy grail. Must try! If you’d like to have a little dessert, their Cheesecake from Mars is a perfect combo to go with your coffee.

Opens daily, 9am - 9pm

Sprezza Coffee @ Phileo Damansara

Sprezza is short for ‘sprezzatura’, it means “the art of nonchalance”. Just like the cafe name, their coffees are well-crafted and have a top notch flavor. Seems like their baristas know the ins and outs of their coffee art.

Opens on weekdays, 8am - 4pm

There you go...

These top 3 cafes are some of our most favourite places to go for a good cup of aromatic coffee. Hope you’ll enjoy their coffee as much as we do.

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