Return and Refund Policy

1. Booking and Reservation

Prior to Commencement Date: Guest may cancel the Reservation prior to the Commencement Date (before 00.00 a.m.) via the Guest Dashboard or by writing an email to Roomah via The cancellation of the Reservation by Guest will terminate this Agreement. No Guest cancellation will be deemed to be effective unless and until Roomah sends a written return confirmation of its receipt of such cancellation. Roomah will refund 100% of the Guest Fees paid by Guest (“Full Refund”) if Guest cancels the Reservation prior to the Commencement Date (before 00.00 a.m). If Guest cancels the Reservation on Commencement Date or later, Roomah will be entitled to retain the first 30 days of the Guest Fees or Accommodation Rental paid by Guest.

On Commencement Date or later: Guest needs to make a shorten duration request 30 days earlier via the Guest Dashboard to shorten the Term or by writing an email to to entitle for Full Refund. In the event a shorter duration request of less than 30 days is made, the Guests is not entitled to for Full Refund. It is up to Roomah’s discretion to provide an appropriate amount of refund to Guests for the unutilised periods. We make every effort to process eligible refunds quickly. We will process refunds up to seven (7) working days after either being notified of your intent to cancel, or post check-out for early terminations.

2. Deposit Payment

A deposit equivalent to a sum of RM300 or RM500 might be collected upon reservation is made. Do note that the deposit collection is subject to the Building’s requirements set by the Owner. The collection of the Deposit or not will be stated clearly while making the reservation. Roomah shall hold the Deposit during the Term as security for Guest’s performance of Guest’s obligations under the Agreement. At the end of Guest’s occupancy of the Accommodation, Roomah will fully refund the deposit to Guest. However, Roomah have the right to retain and use the Deposit for purposes of repairing damages to the Accommodation or to its furnishings or fixtures (including replacement), normal wear and tear excepted, caused by Guest. Roomah is not limited to the Deposit to recoup damages and costs, and Guest remains liable for any amounts not covered by the Deposit. No portion of the Deposit may be applied by Guest to offset any Guest Fees. Roomah shall refund to Guest any balance of the Deposit after making such deductions (if any) within seven (7) working days or sooner.